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Hello forum users, friends! I Present a perfectly prepared fast piggy Bank!
project start: 06.04.2020

I am not the admin / Creator of the project.
the topic is not a call to action and was created for informational purposes.

IPB Image

IPB Image

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ABOUT the project!

Our online cryptocurrency program allows you to use our services all over the world. – this is a reliable and secure cryptocurrency investment project that works exclusively to increase the source of real net income.

Reliable and secure project
You will always be supported by traders, managers and analysts with many years of experience. Our online cryptocurrency program provides an opportunity to use our services around the world, reinvesting funds in the cryptocurrency market in fast-growing securities on the stock markets and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Binance.

project Marketing!

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3.6% per day! (0.15% per hour)

Deposit Withdrawal is possible in 24 hours, the Commission is 10% (after the 14th day-0%)

Do not forget to register wallets in the “payment details” section

Payment systems!

PM , bitcoin , Pay eer

payment Rules!!


Minimum amount!

FOR $ 10, 0.005 BTC

The Conclusion Is Minimal!

FOR $ 0.10, 0.0005 BTC

Referral program!

for participants: 6%-2%-1%


and [email protected]
With Telegram chat!
Telegram channel!

Technical specifications

self-Written, Unique script.
SSL Sectigo for 2 years

32 days old
Created on 2020-02-27
Expires on 2022-02-27
Updated on 0000-12-31
NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains)
NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains)
NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains)
NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains)
NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains)
NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,273 domains) is hosted on a dedicated server
IPB Image

Registration in the project!!!


апрель 6 2020 @ 10:41 утра
Кому: 1L2NHaFeFqS8QV2DZ8vCLmvdxFhBZ7Jyfh
0.01392108 BTC


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