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🔥BoostChain Airdrop⭐⭐⭐⭐
💰 Reward: 3750 BSTKN ~ $15.0
👥 Referral: 1250 BSTKN ~ $5.0
🚀 Airdrop: https://boostchain.io

1. Signup BoostChain website (https://boostchain.io/)
2. Submit your details and put referral code: 5e6d870c2a37161e626c4542 (Without referral code will not get a bonus)
3. Confirm your email
4. Login and invite to earn more tokens

📑About BoostChain (BSTKN)
Boostchain is a blockchain-powered advertising platform that allows advertisers to reward viewers with cryptocurrency through the Boostchain network. The tokens can be directly exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or spent on broadcasting time on our own Boostchain network.


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