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PTCShare Update | July 25, 2019
New things upcoming during August such as:
==>New offerwalls
==>A referral competition with a grand prize | August 1st-31st: Referral competition PTCshare
20 winners, Referrals have to watch 20 ads to count | $1k grand prize.
==>Wagering competition
3rd August-9th: Wagering competitions PTCshare, Paidverts, PPMG, PBG, MTV.
==>A special lottery
August 1st-31st : Special lottery in PTCshare
In order to take part,we have to purchase over $5 of "pure ads".
They will then randomly select 1 individual who will win $100 at the end of the month.
==>Big ad issues | August 2nd, 2019
Please makes sure you stock up on more BAP to reach higher groups.
==>Offerwall bonuses
==>Extra survey walls
==>Adsense-like advertising
==>A 5th game
Thank you.



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